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Servicing distributors, wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, hotels and airline caterers.

Beef Processing

  • Our own beef processing plant in Chicago

  • High quality Angus cattle

  • Portion Control steak cutting

  • Special ageing programs, dry ageing

  • Custom individual program

  • Halal beef

Export Logistics

  • Our team handles all the logistics from A to Z

  • We can consolidate many products in one container

  • Ocean & Air capabilities

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Documentation and Labeling

  • Export documentation expertise

  • USDA meat and poultry certificates

  • USDC certificate for seafood

  • Custom labeling that meets country requirements

  • Ingredient labeling compliance verification system

Food Safety

  • Number one priority

  • Safety programs that ensures each country requirements are met

  • HACCP approved

  • In house Quality Assurance department

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